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 The website was created by Paul Burke, an independent researcher. My background includes:


      UN Development Programme: Consultant on the environment, education, development, economics, poverty, gender, and government spending

      US government: Designed and analyzed national surveys. Conducted research on planning, counseling, subsidized and free-market housing. including comparisons between the US and Canada.

      Stewards of the Potomac Highlands (environmental group): president

      Jefferson County (WV) Planning Commission: past president

      US Congress' Office of Technology Assessment: Consultant on student achievement

      US National Commission on Social Studies in Schools: Compared curricula in different countries.

      Many articles on development, tourism, statistics and education

      Websites on language courses and climate change

      Seminars taught at the University of California-Berkeley, Columbia University, Fordham University, Venezuela's National Council on Human Resources, and the International Labor Statistics Center of the US Department of Labor

Paul Burke

9169 W State St. #1881

Boise, ID 83714, USA